Your Home, Your Care, Your Way

Moving In

Moving into a care home is a significant step and we work hard to make this a pain free, smooth and enjoyable process. On Day One our Home Manager will welcome the new resident with their family and introduce key members of staff. The whole team will get to know the new member of the home along with their preferences for everyday living, planning your care and needs. The team is always there, happy and friendly, ready to help out.
In advance of the moving in day there are a few basics that should be considered, these include:

Letting people know – family, friends, healthcare professionals (GP, optician, dentist). If moving out of accommodation then utility providers (gas, electricity, water, telephone) and the Council should be contacted with respect to Council tax and the Electoral Register.

What to pack?

Wear whatever is comfortable – day time clothing, a night gown and a few sets of night clothing, underwear, socks, tights, stockings, coat, spectacles (!) and medications too!

We provide all the bedding and towels that will be needed but we’re happy for residents to bring your own if they choose to do so.

Your personal possessions

It is worth spending a little time thinking about the items you may wish to bring into the care home on arrival , for example, small ornaments, photos, paintings, books and perhaps a throw-over! This is an ideal way to personalise a room. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Clothing. Each Southcare Home has a laundry service so please clearly label clothes with your name before you arrive. Our minimum washing machine temperature is 40 degrees, so please check washing instructions. With delicate items perhaps think about whether family and friends can help by washing them or taking them to the dry cleaners. It can be difficult for our domestic team to monitor each item of clothing;
  • Furniture – small items of furniture can be brought in but it’s worth checking with your care home manager that the item will fit into your room first. All furniture must be fire retardant;
  • Electrical appliances – feel free to bring your own TV for your room and other electrical appliances as long as they’ve been PAT tested by your new home and you have a TV licence. All rooms are heated so there is no need to bring electrical fires or heaters. We do not allow toasters, kettles or other cooking equipment in bedrooms;  
  • Mobility aids – you are welcome to bring your own wheelchair or walking frames. Some Local Authorities and Primary Care Trusts supply wheelchairs to residents who need them.